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ETUDE LLP., based in Tokyo, is managing domestic and overseas movies, music, TV commercials, artists, 
developing new businesses and doing research and developed of cultural policies in 
Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China etc.

Film directors, broadcast writers, designers, researchers and composers organized a laboratory and 
are doing research while collaborating with outside organizations including 
local community, businesses and government offices.


We are doing research and development with three “D”s in our mind.
Discovery, Development, and Dedicate.


  • Art Management Laboratory
  • Visual Communication Laboratory
  • Broadcast Laboratory
  • Sound Design Laboratory


Art Management Laboratory

Shinji Sato
[Specialized field]

Informatics / Library science / Library and information science

Born in Oita, in 1983.
Received his master’s degree specializing in library science from Graduates School of Integrated Frontier Sciences at Kyushu University. 
In 2009, he founded ETUDE LLP. which offers music for movies and TV programs etc., 
creates music for artists and plans and organizes art events. 
In charge of producing TV commercial music and film music.
Instructor at Beppu University.

[Professional memberships]

Japan Society of Library and Information Science
West Japan Academy for Library Science

>Preliminary Survey on the Information-Providing Method in the Music Industry According to the Levels of SNS Media
>Evaluating Individual Artists' Use of SNS as a Method for Providing Information

Visual Communication Laboratory

Naruhito Suetsugu
Film director
Creative director
[Specialized field]

Cinema / Design / New business development / Regional activation

Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
2006 to 2013: Video creator based in Singapore.
Engaged in production of brand advertisements,
TV commercials and promotional videos for major global companies.

・Directed joint international short films with China, Korea, and Taiwan.
・Directed the drama film “Haruka no Sue (Haruka’s pottery)” featuring Bizen ware to be screened domestically in October 2019.


Broadcast Laboratory

Shosuke Oiwa
TV writer
[Specialized field]

TV / Media theory

Born in Tokyo.
Belong to “Pajama Party”, a group of broadcast writers in Hagimotokikaku.
Composed many TV programs such as a series of “KinDon!” including “Kinchan’s Don-to-ittemiyo!”, 
“We are Hyokinzoku”, “Appare! Great Teacher Sanma” and “Dancing Sanma Palace.”


Sound Design Laboratory

Leo Sato
Music producer
[Specialized field]

Music / Cultural policy

Born in Oita Prefecture in 1981. Composer.
He received his Master in Cultural and Creative Studies from Aoyama Gakuin University.
He founded his private office “Sound+Light” when he was in university and started releasing original works featuring “music that blends into life”.

In 2009, he founded a sound design team “ETUDE LLP”.
He composes, arranges and produces music for TV commercials, TV programs and movies.
His main works include “Lottery” (2003), “au design project” (2006), “ISSEY MIYAKE Xmas” (2006), “LOUIS VUITTON” (2008), “SHU UEMURA” (2009), “Dentsu Good Innovation” (2009), “The 12th Venice Biennale” Japan pavilion announcement video (2010), “YOHJI YAMAMOTO Exhibition” (2011), “The Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group” (2012), “GODIVA LOVE & HUG PROJECT” (2013), Movie “Princess Sakura” (2013), Movie “Radio Love” (2013), NHK “COSMIC FRONT” (2014), Movie “Cinema Angel” (2015), “BINGO5” (2017), Movie “Dancing in her Dreams” (2019), “Cartier Crystallization of Time” (2019), Movie “Haruka no Sue“ (2020), “JOC – Ganbare! Nippon! Zenin Danketsu Project“ (2020) and many others.


[Association participated]



corporate profile.

Company NameETUDE LLP.
FoundedFebruary 10, 1994
EstablishedJune 29, 2009
Capital Stock¥3,000,000
Head Office 3-18-10-902, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel+81 (0)3-3461-5080
RepresentativeShinji Sato


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